“Our extensive experience covers the detailing of natural stone, precast stone, granite, marble slate and architectural faience and terra cotta on both new build and restoration projects. Our contracts range in size from single stone replacement to the cladding and paving of the largest commercial developments.”

New Build

In this competitive marketplace where contracts vary greatly in size and complexity we provide cost effective and detailed masonry design solutions for all types and sizes of new build contract.


From the templating of single stones to the production of demolition and rebuild drawings for entire buildings we have the skills to sympathetically carry out your restoration contract design requirements.

Internal Fit Outs

Multi apartment bathroom schemes to the highest end internal refurbishments, leisure spas to cantilever staircases, bookmatched marbles to semi precious stones, we have the experience needed to successfully complete all types of internal fits.

Paving & Landscaping

In this increasingly technical discipline where freeform and complex geometrical shapes are now commonplace we offer 2D and 3D design solutions to take your project from concept to manufacture.